Product Overview

Applied with advanced MCU single-chip micro-processor, Surface Mount
Technology and Two-wire non-polarity Input, the Output Module OM511
possesses 2 kinds of encoding methods both auto-encoding of the
Control Panel and electro-encoding of the Address Encoder. It also has
the function of auto-measuring Voltage between both ends of the

This module is used together with the Intelligent Fire Alarm Control
Panel OZH4800. The auto-encoding method can take reference to the
Instruction of the Control Panel. And the electro-encoding method can
take reference to the Instruction of the electronic encoder.The
OM511 Output Module receives the programmed commands from the Control
Panel and controls 1 group of the Output signals: NO or NC signal, in
order to start the field linkage equipments. Then it receives Feedback
signal sent by the linkage equipment after action and transmits the
signal of Started and Feedback back to the Control Panel showing the
location of the signal, meanwhile lighting the LED indicator.
(Blinking green at normal state and Blinking red continuously when
Start and Feedback)




Supply Voltage: Two-wire bus, DC20V~DC28V, non-polarity; External power, DC24V

Consuming Current of Relay Starting: < 15mA

Standby Current of Bus: < 0.3mA  Alarm Current of Bus: < 0.6mA

Capacity of the Relay Contact: DC24V, 1A Range of the address: 1~192

Size: 96×65×37mm (length × width × height)

Using Environment: Temperature: 10°C~+50°C  Related Humidity: ≤95% (40±2°C)