Addressable Heat Detector



1) Built-in microprocessor and intelligent software, ensuring the utmost accuracy with controller.

2) 2 bus lines current PWM digital transmission technology with great reliability

3) Special methods for damp-proof, antisepsis and mildew-proof.

4) Adopt SMT technology, firmly, high secure and antijamming.

5) Easy plug-in of the head to base

6) SEMS screws for easy wiring

7) 2-wire without polarity



Operating Voltage: DC20V~DC30V  

Standby current: ≤0.25 mA 

Alarm current: ≤2 mA

Wiring: Non-polarized 2 bus lines  

Address range: 1~192

Using Environment: Temperature: 10°C~+50°C  Related Humidity: ≤95%

Dimensions: Diameter 100 mm  Height 38 mm

Weight: 125g