Product Overview

HW—128LED Emergency exit sign is used to guide the people to evacuate from the trapped place, such as underground facility, extra exit,
hotel, all kinds of markets, etc.

l Rechargeable
l Powerful LED light
l Automatic emergency light-up
l Overcharge and overdischarge protection
l Exit sign
l Convenient to install
l High reliability


Power source: AC220V±5% 50Hz/60Hz
Battery Specification: 1.2V×3 350mAh Type: AA-350
Power: 1W Bulb specification: 5×7 Type: LED-5
Luminance: ≤300cd/m2
Recharging time: 12hr
Time of Emergency: ≥90minVmin80%
Using Environment: ≥-20
~+40 Relative Humidity: ≤ 90%
Products Model: HW-128LED