People Counter: Unicomm V2.0


LCD Display –information can be viewed locally on LCD screen, the display has 2 modes;
footfall counts or the Axiomatic Technology splash screen.

• Count Reports – view count data hourly, Daily and monthly with individual timestamped
counts and events detailing beam blocks & power interruptions

• Reset Counts – The counts can be manually reset or setup to reset at a given time each

• Leg/Body Counting – The counter can be set to either record legs or whole bodies thereby

the choice of locations. The Q-Scan UniComm V2.0 algorithm automatically carries out the
necessary calculations to obtain the correct number of people that have passed through the

• Data Protection – The recorded data is stored on non-volatile memory and is therefore fully
protected against power failure or accidental removal of the power supply without the need
for back-up batteries.

• Beam Functions – The Q-Scan UniComm V2.0 can count an entrance between 1 Meter
and 6 Meters wide and is able to advise you that the beam is blocked or obstructed with a visual

• Divide By Two Function – Automatically divide by two where the entry point is also
used as an exit.

• Configurable Parameters – Parameters such as Beam Strength, Display Settings, Body/Leg
Counting & many more are user configurable. The Remote Control supplied allows the user to change
these settings.

• Set-Up Mode – The Q-Scan UniComm V2.0 has a Beam Strength mode for ease of
configuring the placement of its reflector using the LCD display as a guide.

• Data Storage – The Q-Scan UniComm V2.0 stores the counts within its non-volatile memory
for up to 3 Years, and ‘events’ (E.g. beam blocked messages for up to a year).

• Data Transfer – The footfall data can be transferred to a PC via a USB Cable & with the use
of Q-Scan software and saved as a *.CSV file (comma separated values), upon viewing this
data the user can see each count displayed against a date and within each hour of that day.

 • Power Supply – The Unit is supplied with a UK Style 3-Pin power supply with 2.1mm Jack
Plug and a 1.5M cable. The Q-Scan UniComm V2.0 unit requires a 12Volt DC Supply.

• Unit Dimensions – Width = 110mm : Height = 85mm : Depth = 25mm