RAC 900


RAC900 is very popular and mostly used access control system in Bangladesh. It’s a durable access controller from Taiwan,
manufactured by Hudure Technology Co, ltd (www.hudure.com.tw). It comes with communication interface of RS-232/RS-
485/RS-422 (optional TCP/IP is available) and wiegand reader input. As part from readers, switch button can be connected as
its exit device.



·        Dual function for Access Control and Basic Time & Attendance.

·        Standalone/network operation, expandable to 255 sets.

        Memory capacity 4,096 cardholders / 2,048 events.

·        Swipe card, pin code or card + pin code access mode (Door IN), slave reader or exit button. (Door OUT)

·        Duress card, duress code, secret duress alarm.

·        Security function to activate or deactivate all or selected sensors. (RAC-900)

·        Independent 3 sensor inputs for RAC-800; 8 sensor inputs and 4 relay outputs for RAC-900.

·        Able to connect external slave reader.

·        Able to connect dial-up modem for real time alarm notification to headquarters or to control center.

·        8 time schedules for RAC-800/900 & 60 holiday schedule for RAC-900.

·        Limitation of unsuccessful swipe card attempts for RAC-900.

·        Audio tone: standard, independently controllable for RAC-900.

·        Anti pass back for RAC-900.

·        90% memory full warning.

·        RTC (Real Time Clock) ensures accurate time regardless power outages.







8 Bit



Input ports

3 Sensor (Door Sensor, Exit Button, Case Sensor)

Output ports

2 Relay (Electronic Lock, Alarm)


4,096 / 2,048 (max)

LED Indicator

Power x 1, COMM. x 1

LCD Display

2 lines messages, 16 characters per line, with back light


15 keys 0~9, F1, F2, F3, CE, Enter

RTC (Real Time Clock)


Beep Tone


ID Setting


Reader ports

ABA-Track2 / Wiegand26 x 1

  * Bar Code type

Resolution: 0.15mm; 
Scanning Speed:100~1000mm/sec

  * Magnetic Type

ISO3554 Standard Track 1 or 2 or 3 
Scanning Speed: 3~40ips

  * Proximity type

RF 125 KHz, Effective range : 8~10cm

  * Mifare type

RF 13.56 MHz, Effective range : 5cm

  * HID Type

Wiegand 26

Output Voltage

DC5V 100mA / DC12V 100mA (max.) for slave reader

Operating Voltage

DC 12V / 1A

Power consumption

5W (max.)

Comm. Interface

RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485

Comm. Baud Rate

9600 bps-N-8-1

Operating Temp.

0°C ~ 50 °C / 32 °F ~ 122 °F

Relative Humidity

20% ~ 95% (Non Condensing)


153mm(L) x 120mm(W) x 60mm(H)

Weight (Device)