IP PA Sound System

The Role of IP-Based PA System

DSPPA IP Network System is based on DSPPA protocol and compatible with TCP/IP protocol.
IP Network takes the advantage of the existing LAN/WAN (like internet), which can help speed up the construction, save cable laying, and combine different networks together.
Comparing to traditional PA system, IP network system is more flexible and can transmit farther.
Applications: airport, railway system, stadium, expo center, park, office building, campus, shopping mall, manufacture plant etc.

The Benefits of IP-Based PA System

  • Zone management
  • Scheduled broadcast
  • BGM playing
  • Remote paging
  • Fire alarm & voice evacuation
  • Voice / Video Intercom
  • Flexible, no limit of zone management
  • Programmable timing function
  • Remote control and paging function
  • Remote computer control and monitor
  • Automatic backup and recovery
  • No suppression, no dissipation and no delay


Application Example: School

If MAG6000 system is applied to a school, the functions can be realized are as follows:

School background music broadcast
Timing of realization of different partitions programmed to play different music in the school’s classroom, restaurant, dormitory and public areas, making students feel at home.

School fire linkage function
Integrate with school fire protection system, according to preset fire alarm mode, the teachers and students can evacuate accurately, to avoid maximum casualties and property losses.

Remote paging
At the school reception, staffs can broadcast to specific zones or all zones.

Multi-source selection function
In the school’s restaurant, dormitory, classrooms and other areas, set up a local source, can switch to the network and select background music.

Sub-control Function
In the school’s desk, leadership offices and other areas, set the sub-control device to facilitate the control and management.

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